DSF heeds the World Youth Skills Day 2016

In observance of July 15, 2016 celebration of the World Youth Skills Day, UNEVOC requested all UNEVOC-TESDA Centers around the world to watch over the live streaming programme sessions through http://webtv.un.org/, with the following topics: Government Responses on Transforming TVET for Sustainable Development, Leveraging Youth Engagement in TVET; and Launching TVET Strategy.


Engr. Julieta I. Aliman in her opening remarks.

DSF celebrated the events merrily to prosper youth’s skills by selecting some faculty to discuss the topics after each live streaming last July 22, 2016 at DSF Function hall- 9 am with the participation of the students. Mr. Nicanor C. Gamus, an AQUACULTURE Instructor, stressed-out the Government Responses on Transforming TVET for Sustainable Development and gain insights from student’s perception towards skills to sustain life while Ms. Eleven M. Bagarinao, an LSI-English Instructor talked over on the differences between University System versus TVET Institution to power up youth’s engagement to TVET and skills enhancement to sustain skills for job and skills for life.


Mr. Nicanor Gamus (left) and Ms. Eleven Bagarinao (right) as Resource Speakers during the event

These two topics enlightened student’s perception about TVET Institution to put value on skills and other multiple intelligences thinking not only Universities/ State colleges gave success and prestige but also TVET system.


The Philippine government once again trusted TVET (TESDA based) institution by reforming K-12 Education thus maintaining equality between Technical and Vocational skills connected to a Higher Education to avoid career mismatch and low- skilled employees.


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