DSF Search for 2016 Green Galing Laboratory



  1. Promote a healthy and improved working environment conducive to learning on line with green tech. facility program of the government.
  2. Facilitate the growth and adoption of green technology in school and encourage its widespread use.
  3. Encourage innovation to enhance green technology its relevant contribution to the national economy.

Criteria of the Contest:

  1. Waste Disposal Management:
  2. Envinronmental, Safety and Friendly Laboratory:
  3. Introduction of innovation to showcase Green Technology Program of the Government


  1. Contest shall officially start on September 23, 2016 and to end on October 22, 2016.
  2. There will be a pre evaluation that shall be conducted during the 1st week of October, however, the evaluation result shall not be part of the findings of the final evaluation that shall be conducted on October 22, 2016 which shall officially determine the winner.
  3. Awarding of the winner shall be conducted on October 23, 2016.
  4. There shall be a committee that shall be created to conduct an evaluation to be led by the Vocational School Administrator as Chairman and the Vocational Instruction Supervisor as Co-Chairman.
  5. Laboratory facilities are categorized as follows: Marine Building (SMAW, RAC, EIM and MSES) 2. HRM 3. ICT 4. Aquaculture.


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