15th HRSD confers at Surigao City


Attended by key officials of the school led by the Vocational School Administrator, Rosella D. Darcera, the 15th Human Resource and Skills Development Conference was held at Surigao City on August 9-to, 2016. Aimed to convene the various technical-vocational training institutions and industry partners and practitioners in Mindanao Peninsula to consolidate common ideas and experiences relevant towards skills development, training and education for global competitiveness was a success.

Mindanao Technical Vocational Education and Training was one of the speakers on Managing Changes and Transition in TVET. Focused on the MinTVET CARE which defined as Capability Building, Advocacy, Resource Generation, Evaluation and Service Provision, the program was geared to increase the productivity in the Aquaculture. She encouraged the support to farmlands and establishments of various plantations such as banana, cacao and rubber as among the important products imperative for global market as she lamented.

The keynote speaker, Atty. Dominador R. Say, on the other hand gave the details of the year’s theme “ONWARDS TVET: Changes and Transition towards 2020”. Accordingly, the current global financial crisis really affect the TVET sector thus it is imperative to move on in parallel to the global change.

Other resource speakers during the conference includes, Rosanna A. Urdaneta, CESO III, Deputy Director General on Policies and Planning TESDA, Director Myla Fay Aurora B. Carino, CESO IV, Regional Director of NEDA, Caraga, DR. Florencio F. Sunico, Jr. CESO III, who was the lead speaker to discuss the topic on “ Leading Entity to Organizational Change”.

Mr. Inocencio J. Angeles, Jr. , who was the President of 15th HRSD Conference Chairman and President of CATVII gave the overview of the conference on the first day announced the 16th HRSD Conference to be held at General Santos City.

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