VSA Darcera conducts meeting for APACC Revisit


In a meeting held on December 12, 2016, Vocational School Administrator, ROSELLA D. DARCERA re assembled all school focal to reinvigorate themselves for another revisiting of the APACC Accrediting Team anytime in the first quarter of year 2017.

It was in November of 2014, that Dipolog School of Fisheries gained its accreditation as a bronze awardee of the Asia Pacific Accreditation Certificate Commission, a prestigious award that Dipolog School of Fisheries is among of the few in the country that achieved the feat of recognition in the Asia Pacific. Since then, the school became a school of interest to other institutions aspiring to become an APACC accredited school.

Mrs. Darcera who had just participated the study visit of members of the Association of APACC Accreditees (AAA) at Politecknik Port Dickson , Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia on December 1, 2016 re-echoed the institutions main goal of establishing cooperation and strengthening ties among APACC accredited institutions by expanding cross-border education services. It also includes the effort of working towards regional mobility through staff and student exchange, sharing of learning resources and other modalities that could be agreed upon by the accredited institutions. In her finale, the Administrator disclosed the importance of maintaining the prominence of an APACC accredited institution to give an open opportunity of the students of the school, a wider opportunity of employment in the future. She challenged everyone to move forward and aimed for a higher category of accreditation.

Previous organizational flow of the school’s APACC Focal remained the same except few changes of the designated focal. Under the new set up, Dante F. Aliman who was newly appointed to the position of Administrative Officer IV of the school was designated as focal of the Governance Criterion while MR. QUIRINO S. TAMAYO, settled to his new designation as the overall monitoring focal.

Other matters that were taken during meeting were the revision of the quality manual, new policies to be drafted taken from the ten components of TESDA QA Review including the Management Review, Staff Training and Links to Core Business.

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